Powerful solutions to complex issues become far more likely when planning starts before problems arise. That approach results in fresh insights, innovative solutions, and effective outcomes.

It is our (collective) responsibility to look down a given road and see where it might end. That is especially meaningful when it comes to California’s water. Now and certainly for the future.


Effective water management is no simple task. Due to the complexity, it requires as much innovation and creativity as can be brought to the table. Smart management sees the bigger picture, recognizes complementary objectives in policies, programs, and projects, and orchestrates partnerships between those who were historically unconnected or even opposed.

The creative combination of a variety of parties, multiple objectives, and a predetermined outcome serving the interests of all, simply said, is what we call “Integrated Water Management.”


Reframe the Debate
If you find yourself with an adversary, step into their shoes. Look through a new set of lenses. Listen before you speak. In a world of loud and controversial voices, smart is the one who steps back and sees the opportunities that lie in common ground.

Invent Coalitions
By their nature, most coalitions form based on shared goals and perceived similarities. But it is possible to go beyond that. By engaging unrelated categories, uncovering hidden yet similar goals, we can forge new relationships and powerful solutions.

Hidden Nuggets
Often a single piece of information, analysis or overlooked detail will reveal unique and crucial insights that become game-changers. Equipped with a new point of view, policymakers and the public more easily grasp complex issues leading directly to more intelligent decisions.

Policy to Legacy
Success is sometimes revealed long after we are gone. On that note, we strive to identify, develop and advocate lasting policies to advance sustainable and integrated water today, but more importantly…tomorrow.