Securing Safe Drinking Water for All: A Guide for Funders Seeking Equitable & Sustainable Solutions

The Water Foundation shares a resource for funders seeking system-level solutions to the US drinking water crisis. 

The challenge of ensuring safe drinking water for all is ripe for bold experimentation and fact-based interventions. These areas of opportunity speak to some of philanthropy’s greatest strengths. While many foundations are already supporting efforts to tackle the drinking water crisis, the scale of philanthropic intervention has been limited compared to the scope of this problem, and drinking water generally continues to be a “blind spot” for many grantmakers.

The Water Foundation, drawing on its expertise as well as recent work by River Network and the US Water Alliance, has developed a guide for funders to help deepen understanding of urgent threats to people’s drinking water as well as promising system-level solutions. We offer this resource as an invitation for expanded collaboration and investment.

Securing Safe Drinking Water: A Guide for Funders Seeking Equitable & Sustainable Solutions