We support our partners to advance bold, durable solutions.

We share resources, contribute expertise and build connections.

We recognize water in the West as a common resource that requires shared solutions. New ideas, broad collaboration and tailored approaches will help us resolve water challenges across the West.

We pool and align philanthropic funding to support groups that are finding smart ways to improve water management. We use our knowledge and experience to spot opportunities where foundation investments can drive change. And we build bridges among diverse leaders and catalyze powerful partnerships to get things done while helping shape these collaborations into lasting networks.

our current priorities

  • Provide clean and safe drinking water for California households that currently lack it.
  • Ensure groundwater is sustained as a reliable source of water for coming decades.
  • Secure drought contingency plan for the Lower Colorado River Basin and stabilize the Salton Sea.
  • Achieve agreements for sustainable water use of the San Joaquin and Sacramento Rivers.
  • Strengthen water efficiency and conservation standards in California cities and towns.
  • Increase stormwater capture, water recycling and water conservation in greater Los Angeles to reduce pollution and increase local water supplies.
  • Restore crucial ecosystems, including floodplains and stream flows.