Tackling urgent water challenges in ways that shift systemic drivers.

How We Work

Our grantmaking aims to secure safe, clean water for people, restore and sustain freshwater ecosystems, and build resilience to a changing climate. This work is organized into two integrated programs, Healthy Communities and Healthy Watersheds.

The Healthy Watersheds program advances groundwater recharge, floodplain restoration, and headwaters forest management as the renewable energy solutions of the water space. This program supports projects that accelerate and scale up these ways help nature and people thrive together.

The Healthy Communities program is driven by the fact that millions of Americans live in places where clean and safe water is not available, or where they are increasingly threatened by floods, droughts, fires, and climate change. This program supports projects that advance equity in water policy and strengthen the health and resiliency of small towns, large cities, and rural areas.


Strategic Framework

In Spring 2019, the Water Foundation launched a new strategic framework.

Water Foundation Strategy