Texas Wellspring Fund

A Fund for a Resilient Texas Water Future

Texas has big choices. If we want safe, clean drinking water, protection from increased flooding, healthy natural systems, and enough water to support our communities and economy, we need to act now for a sustainable water future. We all need water and collectively we can embrace solutions to the water challenges confronting the state.

Texas faces compounding threats to a resilient water future for people and nature, including a rapidly increasing population, historic drought and flooding, ongoing water quality and infrastructure challenges, and the exacerbating impacts of climate change.

We can overcome these challenges and take advantage of emerging opportunities to create a future where water is a strength for Texas. Funder partners came together with the Water Foundation to establish the Texas Wellspring Fund. This is the first pooled fund to focus exclusively on Texas’ water issues. It advances water solutions that are ecologically sound and equitable. The pooled fund model allows funders to share their expertise, experience, and perspectives to deliver greater collective impact, yield efficiencies, and encourage innovation.

Texas Wellspring will provide sustained funding to financially support, strengthen, and grow a network of organizations addressing systemic water issues that affect Texas communities and ecosystems. Wellspring encourages collaboration and knowledge sharing between funders and those doing the work on the ground, and will increase investments in effective water solutions from Texas and beyond.

The Water Foundation hosts Texas Wellspring, the Water Table, and the Water Solutions Fund.

Wellspring Funding Partners

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The Don and Sybil Harrington Foundation • Jacob and Terese Hershey Foundation • Lyda Hill Philanthropies • Horizon Foundation • Laural Foundation • The Meadows Foundation • The Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation • Pisces Foundation • Still Water Foundation • T.L.L. Temple Foundation • Walton Family Foundation • Water Table