With our partners, we focus on securing clean, reliable water for people and nature.


We support community and nonprofit partners with scaling and accelerating their vital work. We help funders connect to and advance ambitious water strategies and systems change.

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Areas of Work


Our work and investments aim to ensure full and effective implementation of California's major groundwater sustainability law. We also explore opportunities to replicate it, to strengthen public and environmental health and sustain communities and agriculture.


We support collaborative efforts to protect and restore the ecological health of major river basins. We currently focus on the Sacramento-San Joaquin, the Lower Colorado, Lower Snake, and Upper Rio Grande river basins.


The lakes and rivers that flow through millions of acres of US forests are our nation’s single greatest source of drinking water, as well as vital habitats for fish and wildlife. We aim to maintain essential water supplies, enhance ecosystems, and reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfires.

Safe Drinking Water

Our work and investments prioritize long-term solutions that advance the human right to water, including ensuring water is clean and affordable, treating contaminated water, and stopping pollution from entering water supplies.

Urban Resilience

Our investments help public agencies and nonprofits advance equitable and resilient stormwater projects, as well as creating new green space and building community power in water governance. We have particular focus on the implementation of Los Angeles County’s Safe Clean Water Program.

Rural Resilience

Rural resilience underpins our investments in places like California’s Central Valley. We aim to build out work to help rural communities proactively avoid and respond to water-related shocks in ways in that minimize harm and spur renewal and equity.

Program Team

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  • Alesandra Nájera

    Alesandra Nájera (she/her)

    Program Officer

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  • Alexandra Paxton (she/her)

    Senior Program Officer

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  • Andrew Fahlund

    Andrew Fahlund (he/him)

    Senior Program Officer and Policy Advisor

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  • Head shot of Ava Farriday in a yellow blouse with white floral print in front of a vibrant green background of live plants.

    Ava Farriday (she/her)

    Program Associate

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  • Chloe Lieberknecht (she/her)

    Program Officer

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  • Elizabeth Soderstrom

    Elizabeth Söderström (she/her)

    Senior Program Officer

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  • Jennifer Sokolove

    Jennifer Sokolove (she/her)

    Chief Program and Strategy Officer

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  • Lauryn Magno (she/her)

    Program Associate

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  • Nina Carranco

    Nina Carranco (she/her)

    Program Officer

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The Water Foundation’s strategic framework guides how we tackle urgent water problems.


To address both immediate needs and root causes, like social inequality and outdated infrastructure, we focus on three system interventions:

  • Broadening who makes water decisions and how
  • Changing how we move and share water
  • Strengthening the stories we tell about water

Download the strategy (PDF)