Our organizational partners are leading the way to a secure water future for all.

We strive to be a engaged, highly-strategic funder, operating in service to the field and to donors. In just the past few years, our partners have helped reshape California’s water policy on a range of critical issues, from sustainable groundwater management to the nation’s largest public financing program for green stormwater infrastructure.

Sustainable Groundwater Management

Seizing the Moment

Even as California’s historic drought began, many of the state’s aquifers were already significantly depleted, largely because, despite 100 years of effort to establish regulations for better management, California remained the only Western state without laws governing groundwater supply. The more dramatic results of groundwater depletion included the destruction of roads and other infrastructure due to land collapsing by as much as 30 feet, as well as seawater intrusion into vital freshwater sources along the state’s Central Coast.

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The Nigiri Project

Growing Fish and Farms

California’s Central Valley was once home to some of the world’s most productive Chinook salmon and steelhead habitat. Over the last century, however, dams, levees, and other infrastructure were constructed that altered the flow of natural rivers, destroyed habitat, and hurt native fish populations, with several species now at high risk of extinction.

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Changing Consumer Behavior

The Water Foundation has partnered with WaterSmart Software, a San Francisco-based software company, that asks a compelling new question: If homeowners knew how much water they were using in comparison to their neighbors, would they change their habits and conserve more?

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