Healthy Watersheds

People and nature rely on healthy watersheds to live and thrive. Our Healthy Watersheds program protects and restores vital lands and waters to ensure ecological and public health and build climate resilience.

Areas of Work





Our work and investments aim to ensure full and effective implementation of California's major groundwater sustainability law, and explore opportunities to replicate it, to strengthen public and environmental health and sustain communities and agriculture.


We support collaborative efforts to protect and restore the ecological health of major river basins. Our investments and work currently focus on the Sacramento-San Joaquin, the Lower Colorado, Lower Snake, and Upper Rio Grande river basins.


The lakes and rivers that flow through millions of acres of forests are our nation’s single greatest source of drinking water, as well as vital habitats for fish and wildlife. We are investing in strategies that protect and restore healthy forests, such as the designation of Outstanding Waters. Through this developing area of dedicated grantmaking, we aim to maintain essential water supplies, enhance ecosystems, and reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfires.

Healthy Watersheds Program Team

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  • Andrew Fahlund

    Andrew Fahlund

    Senior Program Officer and Policy Advisor

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  • Jennifer Sokolove

    Jennifer Sokolove

    Director of Programs and Strategy

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