2017 California Safe Drinking Water Needs Assessment

July 27, 2017
Drinking water glass
Vanessa Schmid

In California, one million people have unsafe drinking water. The State Water Board found that approximately 300 water systems fail to meet safe water standards. In 2017, the Water Foundation funded Blue Sky Consulting Group to develop a drinking water needs assessment. The assessment helps California better understand the amount of funding needed to provide safe water to all residents.

Blue Sky calculated how much it would cost to fix public water systems, very small systems, and domestic wells with unsafe water. Their analysis included ongoing operations and maintenance costs, one-time capital costs, and administration, emergency, and technical costs. Based on their calculations, Blue Sky estimated annual costs total $140 million, including $63 million for public water systems and $76 million for very small systems and domestic wells.

Read the full 2017 safe drinking water needs assessment for California.