Salton Sea Governance Study: A New Governance and Management Structure for the Salton Sea

October 1, 2018
Students at the Salton Sea
Students at the Salton Sea, Kyle Christensen / Wildlands Conservancy

In 2018, the Water Foundation commissioned a study to provide an expert, unbiased recommendation about Salton Sea governance and management to decision makers and stakeholders. An advisory committee guided the study’s design and implementation. The final study was written by Economic & Planning Systems Inc (EPS). Together, the advisors and authors interviewed more than 25 stakeholders from water agencies, state regulators, citizen groups, environmental interests, and subject matter experts.

The Water Foundation is deeply appreciative of all who contributed to this effort. We hope that this product can help and inform any futureĀ  Salton Sea discussions for the people, economy, and environment of the region.

Read the full Salton Sea governance study.