Joshua Stewart

Systems and Technology Manager
Joshua Stewart

Joshua Stewart manages the Water Foundation’s offices, technology, and digital infrastructure. In this capacity, he oversees day-to-day operations, maintains technical processes and implements innovative improvements, and provides troubleshooting and operational support to all staff. When not focused on operations, Joshua works closely with our finance and development teams on accounting, project management, data tracking, and event coordination. Prior to working in philanthropy, he managed multiple locations for a national rental car company while leading a young, diverse team. Joshua holds a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Southern California.


555 Capitol Mall, Suite 1155
Sacramento, CA 95814


[email protected]

"Water has consistently been a meeting place for the different people in my life.
As a child my family gathered at the confluence of the Sacramento and American rivers or at Folsom Lake. High school was defined by day-long trips to Lake Dardanelle or the banks of the Arkansas River. College exposed me to the golden shores of Venice and Santa Monica and the concrete vestiges of the LA River. Today, whether through taking my sons to the waterways near our home or rallying with others for the human right to water, water continues to be that powerful unifying force bringing together generations, unlike professions, and people who might not otherwise know each other. By the same measure, we must bring together and leverage diverse skill sets, my own included, to ensure clean, reliable water for all."