Sara Lee (she/her)

Senior Finance and Operations Manager
Photo of Sara Lee, Finance and Operations Manager at Water Foundation

Sara Lee serves as the Water Foundation’s senior finance and operations manager. In her role, she leads on accounting and provides key support on financial management, human resources, and operations that support our mission. Before joining the Water Foundation, Sara developed her skill set at an area accounting firm serving several local nonprofit organizations in diverse accounting and finance roles. Sara is completing her Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and obtaining her CPA license in her free time.


"I realize water connects to every aspect of life.
Growing up in a community along the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, my fondest memories are those by the water. The Delta and Lodi Lake were regular meeting places for family outings. As I develop a deeper understanding of the Delta and California’s water system, I realize water connects to every aspect of life. I hold that with me and prioritize carrying on my family’s tradition of spending time by the water, and, in turn, am fueled for my work of advocating for and supporting clean water for all."