Contact: Andrew Fahlund,  (Davis, CA)

The Water Foundation applauds President Biden and his Administration for making this important commitment to achieve recovery of healthy and abundant salmon and steelhead throughout the Columbia-Snake River Basin. Their statement today demonstrates that the Administration is committed to fulfilling the treaty and trust obligations on salmon that the federal government made to Northwest Tribes. Federal agencies must now use their existing authorities and funding to meet this ambitious goal and seek out additional resources where needed. There is no time to waste.

We call on leaders throughout the Pacific Northwest and the nation to also do their part to ensure healthy and abundant salmon, clean and affordable energy, a healthy agricultural economy, and to keep our nation’s promises to the region’s Tribes. 


Presidential Memorandum on Restoring Healthy and Abundant Salmon, Steelhead, and Other Native Fish Populations in the Columbia River Basin

Presidential Memorandum Fact Sheet: President Biden Takes Action to Restore Healthy and Abundant Wild Salmon and Steelhead in the Columbia River Basin