Aaron O’Callaghan (he/him)

Senior Grants and Contracts Manager
Aaron O'Callaghan

As senior grants and contracts manager, Aaron O’Callaghan oversees the Water Foundation’s processes to ensure grantees receive funds in a timely and responsive manner. In this capacity, he also tracks reporting to our funders, executes contracts to support the foundation’s work, and works closely with the director of finance and operations on accounting, financial reporting, and governmental filings. Aaron has over two decades of experience in program management, providing expertise to a variety of philanthropic programs.


Prior to joining the Water Foundation, he conducted research on the ecological systems of Lake Tahoe and the Bay-Delta in coordination with University of California, Davis and the USDA Agricultural Research Service. He received a BS in Environmental Biology and Management from UC Davis.


"Lake Tahoe captivated me at a very young age, and my love for the place went well beyond high-Sierra recreation.
I was fascinated by forces that created the basin and factors that defined current and changing conditions. Protecting Lake Tahoe was the first thing to stir activism in me—while not the most popular high school topic, oxygenated fuels harming Tahoe’s water was a big deal to me. And that set me on a course—never straying too far—from a career focused on thoughtful natural resource conservation. My early connection to a place and its water fuels today’s work in supporting access to clean water for all, healthy ecosystems, and the economies that rely upon the complex dynamics of Earth’s most precious resource."