Through her career in government and at FGS Global, Catharine Ransom has worked on almost every major issue and policy debate related to energy, the environment, sustainability and infrastructure. Her water policy expertise is expansive, having worked in geographically diverse regions on ecosystem restoration and watershed protection, water resources, water infrastructure and water supply, Clean Water Act and Safe Drinking Water Act policies and programs, WOTUS and the jurisdiction of the Clean Water Act, and tribal water compacts.

At FGS Global, she manages highly public, integrated advocacy campaigns; provides political intelligence, counsel, and direct lobbying; designs thought leadership and corporate reputation programs; and performs transactional due diligence and risk assessment.

Prior to her time in the Senate, Catharine worked for the Chief of Naval Operations, focusing on climate change. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Penn State University with a BA in Economics, and she earned her master’s degree in Environment and Energy Engineering Management from The George Washington University. She is conversant in Spanish.