Paige Damiano (she/her)

Strategic Projects Manager
Paige Damiano

Paige Damiano serves as the Strategic Projects Manager, working alongside the CEO on foundation-wide priorities and the Water Table. In this role, she supports, participates, and manages strategic projects for the Water Foundation and Water Table. Additionally, she focuses on board and staff relations, coordinating the team’s expertise and engagement. Paige formerly worked as operations and culture manager at the Water Funder Initiative with Susan Bell & Associates, the group that previously managed the Water Table. She has worked in local and national politics and owned an experiential design firm. Her experience is grounded in human-centered design, lean startup methodology, and she enjoys supporting teams and spaces that are fun, people centered, and weave connected threads among different groups. Paige is based in Colorado and spends her time both in Denver and Carbondale, frequently on the Roaring Fork River with her two sons.


"I count myself lucky so many of my memories have the backdrop of water.
Most of my childhood photos have me fishing a lake with my dad in Colorado. I was young, so I don't quite remember, but there's enough images captured it's what stands out. At five, we moved to the Pacific Northwest, so I grew up on the Puget Sound. I may not have realized it then, but I count myself lucky so many of my memories have the backdrop of water. When my son was in elementary, he did a project on the Poudre River Watershed, and it affected how he viewed water. Rocco pushed us to adjust choices transform how we talk about it in our household. We are a family conscious of the connectedness, importance, and finite resource of water and that drives us to be better stewards."