Tommy Gorrebeeck (he/him)

Senior Finance and Operations Associate

As the senior finance and operations associate, Tommy Gorrebeeck works alongside the senior finance and operations manager on foundation-wide finance and ops projects, including accounting support, human resources, and financial tracking.  Prior to joining the Water Foundation, Tommy served as finance manager for the Water Funder Initiative with Susan Bell & Associates, and as special projects support at the Pisces Foundation.

In his free time, Tommy is a trained professional actor working extensively with regional theatres and motion capture studios across the country.  He received his bachelor’s degree from New York University where he studied Theatre, Environmental Science, and Anthropology.

"I believe it is our collective duty to ensure that future generations have the opportunity to share in awe-inspiring moments like these.
Water symbolizes so many aspects of the human experience: adaptation, transformation, tranquility, turmoil, and resilience. I've been privileged to grow up near the Pacific Ocean, work alongside rivers and streams on both coasts, witness the splendor and fragility of our coral reefs, traverse a glacier, and immerse myself in the warm mist of a rainforest. Each of these experiences continues to profoundly shape my life and work, underscoring the importance of preserving these critical and invaluable resources. "